About the Palm Springs Film Allliance


The Greater Palm Springs Film Alliance is an association of professional filmmakers, photographers and crew located throughout the Coachella Valley including Blythe, Twentynine Palms and the Salton Sea.

The Alliance helps incoming film productions and photo shoots file permits, find crew, secure locations and locate film friendly vendors throughout in the Coachella Valley.

With a strong emphasis on jobs, the Alliance focuses heavily on local industry crew members of every discipline; Camera Operators, Gaffer, Foley Artist, etc., helping to secure jobs and establish trusted, professional relationships.

General membership requires no fees and includes being placed in our Crew List accessible throughout the entertainment industry. The only requirements for membership are recent, verifiable credits and availability for future work as a local professional. Vendors must show a willingness to be “film friendly” and work within the demands of a production. All interested individuals are welcome to submit a request for membership:  Register


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