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About the Palm Springs Film Allliance


The Greater Palm Springs Film Alliance (GPSFA) made up of volunteers from the professional local film and TV industry. Together, we provide a powerful 1-2-3 punch supporting large and small productions, the local production community and vendors working throughout the Coachella Valley.

Our mission is to help the Greater Palm Springs Film Office in it’s support of locally based productions, crew and vendors while promoting the Coachella Valley as a destination for all types of media projects. We maintain this website, provide support and networking for local crew (“worker bees”), and do location and other research for productions with our on-the-ground network of professionals, among other things.

General membership requires no fees and includes being placed in our Crew List accessible throughout the entertainment industry. The only requirements for membership are recent, verifiable credits and availability for future work as a local professional. Vendors must show a willingness to be “film friendly” and work within the demands of a production. All interested individuals are welcome to submit a Request for Membership:

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